About Us


Cabot Dow Associates is an independently owned human resources consulting firm, specializing in public sector and private sector collective bargaining and human resource management issues.  The CDA focus is primarily on working with public sector and private sector employers in compensation, classification and labor negotiations matters.   

Each consultant has extensive experience in public and private sector management and, specifically, compensation, negotiations, mediation, interest arbitration of police and fire contract disputes and administration of collective bargaining agreements.  Each has a broad understanding of compensation plans, workload analysis, dispute resolution and expertise in how private and public agencies operate.  This includes the structure of governmental and private organizations, the role of elected officials, private boards and public commissions in setting labor policy and the need to be responsive to customers in providing services.

Recent consulting projects include:

  • Collective bargaining (negotiations, mediation, interest arbitration)
  • Employee compensation studies (selection of comparators, salary and total compensation comparisons)
  • Employee selection (recruitment, retention, promotions, background checks)
  • Management proposals on selected subjects (drafting contract language)
  • Labor relations and Personnel policies (creation and administration)