Specialized Services


The strength of your organization’s compensation plan, labor agreements, understandings and relationships can make the difference between success and failure. Non-competitive compensation plans and weak agreements always break down and lead to unforeseen costs. They bring nagging dissatisfaction and aggravation into your departments and among elected boards and commissions. Strong labor agreements help your organization reach and exceed targeted objectives, while bringing mutual satisfaction to all parties.

A CDA team of specialists is available for confidential at-the-table labor negotiations for your organization. The same expertise is available for clients and customers who are looking to develop a new compensation plan or negotiation strategy away from the bargaining table as well as a negotiation culture within their entire organization.  To facilitate the evolution and implementation of a custom negotiation strategy, CDA works with your executive leadership team in developing bargaining philosophy and related goals, well before the bargaining process begins.

By way of example, Cabot Dow Associates can assist your organization in:

  • Custom market studies, salary and benefit surveys
  • Establishing realistic, principle based parameters for negotiations
  • Developing a game plan and sticking to it
  • Making Better Agreements in this Round of Negotiations
  • Using Tips from other public and private employers
  • Avoiding Traps and Using Tactics with Integrity
  • Dealing with Deadlocks….And doing better than last time!
  • Persuading labor leaders to work with and not against you
  • Setting or meeting Personnel Budgets and bargaining the impacts of the Affordable Care Act
  • Knowing where you are at all times during the give-and-take of bargaining
  • Setting up and making total cost of compensation assessments